Build An Elevated Garden Bed With Milk Crates

Gardening is great fun.  But all the bending can present challenges as we get older.  Our solution, build an elevated garden bed with milk crates.

Secure 3-4 stacking milk crates. Your local grocer may be able to provide them for free.












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To use this crate system, you will need to cover these holes.













Long crates are available here.



Cut two strips of landscape fabric sized to fit the crate interior. Cross the two strips to ensure complete coverage. It may be a good idea to use pebbles or a bit of compost in the corners to keep the strips in place.


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Fill the crate with a mix of peat moss, compost and vermiculite. It may be a good idea to tape or clip the sides of the landscape fabric to make certain that it doesn’t fall into the crate as you fill it.



Plant seeds and water. You will be amazed how quickly things grow. We planted strawberries in our crates and topped the soil with a straw mulch.


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