The Five Best Vegetables to Grow in Container Gardens

Container gardening enables everyone from apartment dwellers to landowners to beautify their surroundings and produce food and is a fast growing trend. If you are planning to become a part of this produce-growing trend, start out with these five best vegetables to grow in container gardens.


MIX-From-165-Different-Kinds-of-Tomatoes-Seeds-0-1Tomatoes are the most popular garden vegetable and are very easy to grow in a container. Select dwarf plant varieties (the tomatoes will be the same size, just the plants will be smaller) and plant them in containers that are at least five gallons in size. You can plant and grow large slicing tomatoes or small grape tomatoes for salads in containers, as long as you provide them at least 6 hours of sunlight per day and a steady supply of water.


Add a little spice to your favorite recipes with home-grown peppers. Any varieties of pepper can be grown in a container, and a five gallon container can support two pepper plants. Grow sweet bell peppers and hot habenaros to satisfy the cravings for sweet, spicy and hot food flavoring. Pepper plants will produce throughout the summer months when given six hours of direct sunlight and a steady supply of water.


Onion-Bunching-Evergreen-Hardy-White-D502A-White-500-Organic-Seeds-by-Davids-Garden-Seeds-0Plant and grow some green onions for salad and bulb-producing onions so you’ll have the trinity of salsa making with the first two vegetables listed. Start with onion sets and plant them six inches apart in a five gallon container. In climates with mild winters, onions can be grown for most of the year.



Any loose-leaf greens, like lettuce, kale, collards, etc, can easily be grown in containers. Sprinkle seeds on top of soil, Collard-Greens-Seeds-Georgia-Southern-Heirloom-Organic-50-Seeds-Non-Gmo-0-1keep soil moist and watch the selected seeds sprout into edible green leaves that will provide you with fresh greens for weeks. Harvest greens when leaves are small and tender to promote new leaf growth on plants.


Cucumber-Seeds-Straight-Eight-Heirloom-100-Seeds-0You can’t go wrong growing cucumbers on small bushes in containers. Select a bush variety and enjoy the delicious cucumbers as well as the pretty plants that will beautify a patio or rooftop.  Plant large-growing varieties in five gallon containers and slip a sturdy wire cylinder into the outside edge of the container for the plants to climb on.


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