Five things you should grow in your container garden

Five things you should grow in your container garden.

Everyone wants to get the biggest bang for their buck, and that includes gardeners. Growing the more expensive vegetables in a container garden makes more financial sense than growing cucumbers, which you can buy for a quarter a piece at the farmers market. Many of the more expensive vegetables and herbs, such as mushrooms and cilantro, can be easily grown in a container. Plant some (or all) of these five most expensive container garden vegetables this year.  Watch your grocery budget stretch farther!


People don’t often notice the high cost of cilantro because they only use a small amount. This costly herb can run $20 per square foot when grown in a garden.

Cilantro is a cool season plant, but you can extend its growth cycle by tucking it in a container with taller vegetable plants that will provide shade.




Grow your favorite mushroom at home and quit paying the high price for them at the supermarket. Select quality growth materials including manure, sawdust or straw.  Find a quality container and place it in a shaded area.  You will soon find yourself with a steady supply of homegrown mushrooms that will only cost you pennies to grow.


Cherry Tomatoes

Also known as salad tomatoes and Tommy-toes, this type of plant can cost about $3 for a handful. Try raising some of the smallest varieties including grape tomatoes. Consider the yellow variety or the exotic chocolate cherry tomato. Easy to grow, delicious to eat and easy to sell if you’re looking for a way to make money selling produce.




This must-have green is great on a fresh salad  providing a delicious spicy bite. A member of the mustard family, arugula is expensive in the supermarket, but very inexpensive and easy to grow in a container garden. Tuck the arugula in a pot with taller growing vegetables, this will help protect the plant from direct sunlight.



Purple Potatoes

White Russet potatoes are the most common variety and reasonably priced. So it’s in the best interest of your pocket book to plant and grow the more colorful and expensive varieties. Container-grown purple potatoes, Yukon Gold with their yellow flesh or new red potatoes are as easy to grow as traditional white-fleshed potatoes. Grow and harvest them the same way, but keep more green in your pocket.

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