I was so excited to find a product that can help those who have difficulty bending to tend their garden beds.  This amazing guide provides details on how to create a growing system that will transform the way that you grow your fruits and veggies.  Say goodbye to back pain and hello to the joy of elevated bed gardening.

This product is recommended if:


  • You’ve had to give up gardening because of pain and stiffness in your neck, back or knees
  • You love to garden, but don’t have a lot of room
  • You’ve never gardened before but would love to give it try
  • Love to garden but hate to weed
  • Have only a few minutes a week to tend a garden but want to be able to pick vine-ripened veggies or cut fresh flowers whenever you want

The GardenRack provides detailed instructions on how to create a unique waist-height gardening system in your backyard or patio.    Click here to learn more.   This product is great, if you want to save money by building your own garden bed system.  If you would prefer to order a pre-designed waist-high bed, we recommend the product below.

Best Choice Products 4’x3′ Raised Vegetable Garden Bed Patio Backyard Grow Flowers Elevated Planter

Solid sturdy and robust construction
Comfortable working height, giving it a 360 degree access to the vegetables
Keeps any insects or bugs away from garden

Additional images:

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Price: $249.99 $118.90

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