Grow Blackberries in Containers

OldLadyRenee-Presents-50-Plump-And-Tasty-Natchez-Thornless-Blackberry-Fruit-Bush-Seeds-0-0Grow Blackberries in Containers.  Fresh, juicy blackberries grow wild and free in many parts of the country. They can also be tamed and grown in containers in your own backyard. Traditional blackberry vines are typically too large to grow in containers, but tamed, thornless varieties grow smaller vines and are best suited for container growing. Use these growing tips for successfully growing blackberries in containers.
Choose large containers (5 gallons or larger) with good drainage for growing blackberries. Place paper coffee filters over the bottom drainage holes, then add a handful of gravel or a few pieces of broken pottery to the bottom of the container to promote good drainage.
Soil Preparation
To grow blackberries start with a good quality potting soil and mix in one cup of compost for every gallon of potting soil. Fill containers to within one inch of the top rim of the container.
NEWWORLDS-LARGEST-BLACKBERRY25-seedsRARE-1015-0-2Blackberry vines are planted in the fall and will live for several years when properly cared for.
Form a hole in the center of the soil and place one plant in the hole at the same depth it was in its original container. Backfill the hole with potting soil and firm the soil around the plant roots. Add a two  inch layer of compost and water container thoroughly. Place container in a location that receives full sun.
Staking and Feeding
Place 3-4 sturdy stakes into the container to provide a support system for the blackberry vines. Use strips of flexible fabric to loosely tie the canes to the stakes as they grow.  In mid-summer, start feeding the vines with liquid tomato food every week to encourage berry production. Add a fresh layer of top soil to the container each spring, then top that off with an inch or two of compost.
Blackberry vines produce fruits on the previous year’s stems. Just after harvesting ripe berries, prune away the stems Fiskars-Traditional-Bypass-Pruning-Shears-0that have produced by cutting them off at the plant base. Tie the new stems to the stakes, these will be the canes producing berries next year.
After Care
Water blackberry vines any time the top two inches of soil become dry and replace wooden stakes as needed.  Every two to four years the plant will need to be divided to prevent it from outgrowing the container. Divide plants during the winter when they are dormant.  You can grow blackberries the fun and easy way.  Get started today!

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