Grow Blueberries in Containers

Seeds-and-Things-100-Highbush-Blueberry-Seeds-Blueberries-0-0Grow blueberries in containers! Fresh delicious blueberries are the perfect summertime treat.  Now you can enjoy these juicy berries in minimal space.  Blueberries are easy to grow in containers. Start your container-grown blueberry bush in February or March for an abundant summer berry harvest.

Choose a container that is at least 2 feet across and 20 inches deep. Make sure the container has plenty of drainage holes in the bottom.

Soil Mix

Fill the container to within 2 inches of the top with a good quality acidic potting soil mix that contains peat moss and compost. The peat moss and compost provide water retention, food for the blueberry bush, and prevent the soil from compacting in the container. Blueberry bushes love acidic soil, so be sure to choose an acidic potting soil mix.

Bush Choices

Talk with your local plant nursery expert for the type of blueberries that grow best in your region. As a rule of thumb, Organic-Northern-Highbush-Blueberry-Certified-100-Seeds-2344-Item-UPC637632549135-self-fertile-0your local nursery will only carry plants that do well in a particular area, but it’s always advisable to talk with the nursery expert to ensure the plants will grow well in your area.

Purchase a blueberry bush that is 2-3 years old if you want a berry harvest this year. Look for medium-size blueberry bush with healthy foliage and branches. A blueberry bush planted in February or March will produce a crop of berries in four to five months. To prolong the summer harvest of blueberries, plant a couple different varieties of blueberries that mature at different times.


Plant the blueberry bush in prepared container at the same depth the bush was in its original container. Dig a center planting hole in the container, gently remove bush from its original container and place in planting hole. Backfill hole with potting soil, then gently press down the potting soil to ensure that all the roots are in contact with the potting soil. Water bush thoroughly.

Container Location

Place container in a sunny location where the blueberry bush will receive at least five hours of direct sun each day. A full sun location with a little shade during the heat of the afternoon is an ideal location.

Food and Water

Feed with a water soluble, acidic plant food every two weeks and water between feedings. Do not allow the soil to completely dry out.

Harvest Time

Blueberries are ready to be harvested when they are deep blue in color and easily pull loose from the bush. The harvest season will last about three weeks.

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