Grow Herbs in Containers

Basil-Seeds-Large-Leaf-Italian-Sweet-Basil-Heirloom-Seeds--ORGANIC-NON-GMO-Basil-Seeds-100-seeds--by-PowerGrow-Systems-0Grow Herbs in Containers. Herbs are easy to grow indoors, in-ground or in containers. Just about any recipe you cook will benefit from the addition of herbs, and the flavor is best when the herbs are freshly picked from your own herb garden and added to recipe. Classic favorites, like basil, thyme, oregano, mint and rosemary are easy to grow with these tips.




To grow herbs, select a location that will receive at least four hours of direct sunlight each day. A sunny windowsill indoors is a perfectMiracle-Gro-AeroGarden-Ultra-Indoor-Garden-with-Gourmet-Herb-Seed-Kit-0-0 location when you just want to grow one or two varieties of herbs. If you want to grow several types, it’s best to plant them in an outdoor herb garden.

Soil Preparation

Most herbs have a shallow root system so you won’t have to till the soil too deeply or purchase deep planting containers. Work the soil to the depth of 6 inches or use 6 inch deep containers. Work in 2 inches of compost to help the soil retain moisture, prevent soil compaction and to help feed the herbs. Rake the top of the soil smooth.

Sow the Seeds

Organic-Heirloom-Non-GMO-Herb-Garden-Seeds-8-Variety-Kitchen-Herbal-Gardening-Assortment-Arugula-Basil-Chives-Cilantro-Dill-Oregano-Sage-Thyme-0Herbs start from tiny seeds. Sow the seeds on top of the prepared soil, water in well, then cover with a light sprinkling of potting soil. Lightly water the top layer of potting soil.

Keep the soil moist at all times. Seeds will germinate in a week to 10 days.


Thinning Plants

Allow the herb plants to grow until you’re ready to harvest, then select plants that are in the mo200-Cilantro-Seeds-Chinese-Parsley-Coriander-Herb-2015-Seeds-0st crowded spots. This will keep the herbs from becoming over-crowded and provide you with a steady supply of fresh, fragrant herbs.

After Care

Herbs need very little care, whether they’re grown indoor or outdoors. Water anytime the top layer of soil becomes dry. No fertilize is needed, the original addition of compost to the potting soil will be sufficient to keeping the plants fed during the growing season.

By pinching the tops of the plants off, they will develop side shoots and branch out. This will prevent the plants from becoming too tall or leggy while encouraging new growth.

Drying Herbs

If you have more herbs than you can use, dry some for later use. Snip off the plants at the base and bundle 8-10 together. Secure the stems with a string or rubber band, then hang bundle upside down in a cool airy location to dry.

The herbs will dry in about 6 weeks. Once dry, place the herbs in an airtight jar of plastic bag and store in a cool, dark location until needed.

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