Grow Romaine Lettuce In Containers

Lettuce-Seeds-Parris-Island-Cos-Romaine-Type-Heirloom-Lilianas-Garden-0Grow Romaine lettuce the fun and easy way . . in containers!  Lettuce is a delicious vegetable that is low in calories and good nutritional value. It is an excellent source of Vitamin A, Protein and Calcium.  A cup of Romaine lettuce contains 8 calories!

Romaine lettuce is a cool season vegetable and can be planted earlier than most other vegetables. Because it will only grow during the cool spring weather, loose leaf lettuce will allow you to grow 2 different vegetables in the same container each year. For example, you can grow loose leaf lettuce in the spring, then after harvesting it in May, plant a warm-season vegetable, like peppers, in the same container.

Container Selection

Miracle-Gro-AeroGarden-Mixed-Romaine-Seed-Pod-KitRomaine lettuce has a shallow root system, so you don’t need a deep container for growing it. An old dish pan makes a perfect container for growing this crispy salad staple. Be mindful of what you plan to grow in the container after the lettuce is done for the season because the follow-up vegetable may need a deeper container.



Soil Preparation

All varieties of lettuce are rapid growers and need a ready supply of soil nutrients for optimum growth. Start with quality potting soil and mix in 1 part compost to 4 part potting soil.

Place container in a location the receives morning sun and afternoon shade.

How To Plant

Smooth the soil and broadcast the lettuce seeds over the top, then cover with a thin layer of soil or compost. Water Miracle-Gro-AeroGarden-Mixed-Romaine-Seed-Pod-Kitthe seeds in well, and keep the soil moist at all times during germination. Apply a thin layer of hay on top to help the soil remain cool and retain moisture.

Harvesting the lettuce leaves is how the plants will be thinned out. Harvesting prevents the plants from becoming overcrowded.

The harvest can be extended by planting a new container 2 weeks after planting the first.

After Care

Keep soil moist at all times, but not soggy. The plants will not need to be fertilized if compost was mixed in with planting soil.

How To Harvest

For the best flavor, harvest loose leaf lettuce when the leaves are 2-3 inches high. The lettuce leaves grow at different rates, so harvest the tallest leaves first to thin out the crop.

The lettuce leaves will be crisper if harvested early in the morning, before the sun hits them. Once the lettuce leaves reach about 6 inches in height, they develop a bitter flavor.

Grow Romaine lettuce and use the delicious leaves in salads or on your favorite sandwich.

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