Grow Sweet Potatoes in Containers

Japanese-Sweet-Potato-1-Lb-0Grow Sweet Potatoes in Containers. Sweet potatoes are tasty, versatile, loaded with nutrients and easy to grow in containers. Their orange flesh is rich in fiber, beta-carotene, vitamin B, B6 and C, making them well-worth a spot in your container garden. Use these tips to successfully grow sweet potatoes in containers.
 Starting with Slips
Sweet potatoes are started indoors with slips three months before planting and must be kept indoors for at least one month after Romence-Gardens-Ipomoea-batatas-Margarita-Sweet-Potato-Vine-0the last frost in spring.  Use a shallow wood box that has several bottom drainage holes for starting the slips. Cover the drainage holes with paper coffee filters, then fill the box halfway with clean sand. Place slips on top of sand three inches apart, then cover them with two more inches of clean sand. Water thoroughly and place in a warm location where the temperature will remain a constant 75-80 degrees.  Keep container of slips moist, but not soggy. Sweet potatoes are ready to plant in containers when the slips have developed 6-10 leaves and the last frost was at least one month prior.
Container Choice
Grow sweet potatoes in a large container with plenty of drainage holes for optimum growth. Do not use a metal or plastic container, but choose a wood or clay container to make the orange spuds happy. A homemade wood box is a perfect container or similar wooden box, as long as it is 12 inches or more in depth.
Soil Mix
Sweet potatoes grow best in sandy soil. Choose a good quality potting soil and mix it 50-50 with sand. Add a cup full of compost for every gallon of soil mix and combine well.  Place a paper coffee filter over each drainage hole in the bottom of the container to prevent the soil from leaching out when watering the plants. Fill container with soil mix to within one inch of the top rim.
Planting Sweet Potatoes
Place slips 12 inches apart in the container and at the same depth it was in in its starting box. Cover roots with sandy soil mix and water well.  Place container in a sunny location where plants will receive at least six hours of direct sun each day. Add a two inch layer of organic mulch on top of the soil. Water plants when the top inch of soil becomes dry.
Harvest Time
Sweet potatoes will be ready to harvest in 150 days. Gently scratch away soil with a hand-held garden fork to reveal the spuds. Place harvested sweet potatoes in a single row on newspaper to cure for ten days in a warm location.

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