“Besweet” Early Edamame Edible Soybean 25 Seeds Organic Non-gmo Japanease Treat

$6.40 (as of January 19, 2018, 5:54 pm)

EDAMAME SOYBEAN ” BeSweet ” early soybean delectable oriental favorite
Rich in protein and calcium plus Vitamins A and B. One of the earliest. Ideal fresh ( prepare like peas) or dry. Fresh bean is green and mature bean is yellow. High yielding ~best when planted in late spring. Bushy, 30″ plants produce medium-sized pods containing 2-3 flavorful, large beans. Ideal for northern climates.
Ideal fresh ( prepare like peas) or dry, or boil whole pods in salted water for five minutes for a shell-it-yourself snack like in Japanese restaurants. The Japanese enjoy these beans ( edamame) salted with beer, much like peanuts in the U.S.A. Delicious raw in salads or cooked like lima beans. No stalking needed as they are a bush plant just like you would snap beans or garden beans.

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