Weed Puller – Hand Held Weeding Tool for the Removal of Dandelions – Features Forked Tip to Pull out Weeds with Ease

$14.99 (as of February 15, 2018, 12:52 am) $11.50

HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT: Unlike cheaper yard tools that tend to wear out over time, GUP Gardening manual weed picker is built to last. It is made of sturdy aluminum that wont bend, break or rust. It is light weight yet sturdy and can be counted on to perform even in the toughest soil. This weeder is designed so you don’t have to dig a wide hole to get the entire root. This reduces the amount of good grass and good seeds from being pulled.
SUPERIOR DESIGN: The bend design in the shaft gives you more leverage than the traditional straight shaft that most weeders have, acting as a fulcrum when prying out stubborn weeds. It also features a sharp “V” shaped blade, which allows you to cut deep into the soil and grab weeds at the root. Once the blades have captured the weed, all you do is push down on the handle and our weeder pulls the weed and root out in one easy maneuver.
ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Many patio and lawn tools have a wooden handle, which can easily slip and tend to cause hand soreness and blisters. Discover our easy grip rubber handle. It is designed for a comfortable grip and weighted to prevent hand cramps. The handle has indented curves to fit the fingers and a specially designed spongy indentation for the thumb

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